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Sorry, but PAPER IS DEAD (

Any newspaper editor will tell you that the glory days of selling a million copies are OVER.

Almost every nationall newspaper has gone online, and is finding it difficult in a new and complex marketplace. WE CAN HELP!

Use a mobile app to fit your magazine, brochure or catalog to the size of EVERY SMARTPHONE.

Our stats show 72% of online magazines are read on IPAD...

Each month our online-magazine clients send us their copy as a pdf. We then put it into their app, send a push message to the readers saying that the new issue is available on-line NOW.

Download the app for free or pay, the chose is yours...

Our clients advertise their digital version in their paper magazine and we have seen as sales drop, the downloads increase.

Other functions to consider are: social media channels, interactive competitions and active links within your magazine that can open websistes, maps or video. This helps increase reader engagement so that your readers will spend upto 5000% times longer browsing your magazine and even buying products from your advertisers online, directly through the app.

This helps you as an editor increase revenue from your advertisers for advertising on paper AND digital!

See your circulation grow again - remember that????

Get a mobile app for your magazine!